General terms and conditions created by Generator der Deutschen Anwaltshotline AG


On the basis of these general terms and conditions a contract is concluded between the customer and or

RAW Offroad-Transporter GmbH

Dieselstr. 8

71272 Renningen

Phone: +49-7159-4207007
Mobile: +49-174-6395715


Represented by:

Directors: Georg Roh

Commercial Register Stuttgart
No. HRB 765798
VAT registration number: DE319375124

Bank account: RAW Offroad Transporter GmbH, IBAN: DE03201304000060004702, BIC: GREBDEH1XXX

x, subsequent called “the provider”.


The sale of new goods from the area(s) of offroad equipment via the online shop of the provider is regulated through this contract . Reference is made to the product description of the offer page for the details of the respective offer.


The contract is concluded in electronic transaction via the shop system or via other means of communication such as telephone or e-mail. The presented offers serve as a non-binding invitation to submit an offer to the customer once the customer has submitted an order.

Furthermore the conditions of Zentralverbandes Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe e. V. (ZDK) apply here:

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2. RAW Offroad-Transporter GmbH_Gebrauchtwagen-Verkaufsbedingungen

3. RAW_Offroad-Transporter GmbH_Kfz-Reparaturbedingungen

4. RAW Offroad-Transporter GmbH_Teileverkaufsbedingungen

Terms & Conditions for ratenkauf by easyCredit
1. Scope and general terms of use
The following terms and conditions shall apply between you and the retailer for all contracts
concluded with the retailer for which ratenkauf by easyCredit (hereinafter referred to as
“Ratenkauf”) is used.
In the event of dispute the general terms and conditions contained herein shall take
precedence over any general terms and conditions of the retailer.
A “Ratenkauf” shall only be made available to customers who are deemed to be consumers
according to § 13 BGB (the German civil code) and are aged 18 or over.
2. “Ratenkauf”
The retailer, with the support of the TeamBank AG Nürnberg, Beuthener Straße 25, 90471
Nürnberg (hereinafter referred to as TeamBank AG), shall provide “Ratenkauf” as a further
payment option for your purchase on the internet.
The retailer shall be entitled to determine your credit worthiness. For further details please
refer to the “Ratenkauf” data protection provisions on the Payment Page. In the event that
the use of “Ratenkauf” is not possible due to insufficient credit worthiness or turnover
limitations on the part of the retailer, the retailer shall be entitled to offer you an alternative
payment option.
The contract for a “Ratenkauf” shall be concluded between you and the retailer. By using
“Ratenkauf” you choose to pay the purchase price in monthly instalments. For an agreed
fixed duration, monthly instalments shall be paid. In certain circumstances, the final payment
may differ from the previous instalments. The goods shall remain the property of the retailer
until payment has been made in full.
The receivables accrued through the use of „Ratenkauf“ shall be assigned to the Teambank
AG in the form of an ongoing factoring agreement. Payments leading to a discharge of the
debt may only be made to the Teambank AG.
3. Payment of Instalments by SEPA Direct Debit
Through the SEPA direct debit mandate issued with the “Ratenkauf” you authorise the
Teambank AG to debit the outstanding payments from the current account indicated during
the order process held at the bank specified by way of SEPA direct debit.
The Teambank AG shall give notice of the direct debit by e-mail at the latest one calendar
day before the direct debit is due (pre-notification). The direct debit shall be executed no
earlier than the date indicated in the pre-notification. The transaction can be carried out after
but near to the due date.
If there is a reduction in the purchase price (e.g. through customer credit) between the prenotification and the due date, the amount debited may differ from the amount stated in the
You are responsible for ensuring that your current account holds sufficient funds at the time
that the payment is due. Your bank is not obliged to honour the direct debit in the event that
your current account does not hold sufficient funds.
ratenkauf by easyCredit -public- Page 2 of 2
If, due to a lack of funds held in the current account, an unjustified refusal by the account
holder or account closure, the direct debit is returned, you shall be, without further
reminders, deemed to be in default, unless the direct debit was returned in circumstances for
which you were not liable.
The charges resulting from a returned direct debit shall be passed on to you and shall be
settled by you.
In the event of default, the TeamBank AG shall be entitled to charge an appropriate reminder
fee or interest on arrears at a rate of five percentage points higher than the base rate of the
European Central Bank.
Due to the high costs associated with returned direct debits, we ask you not to refuse direct
debits in the event of withdrawal from the purchase contract, returning the product or making
a complaint. In such cases a reverse transfer will be made in agreement with the retailer or
the account will be credited.