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    Rent our strong offroad transporter.


    Rent our strong offroad transporter.

    offroad ttransporter mercedes schwarz schmutz

Here you have the opportunity to drive one of the rare off-road sprinters with 190 hp V6 motor, permanent mechanical Iglhaut all-wheel drive, three differential locks and an off-road low gear with reduction factor i = 2.5. In addition, the vehicle has the largest possible 315/75R16 mud terrain tires, a snorkel with Top-Luft© air-filter, a detachable “WARN” winch, component guards such as safety bars and underride protection, a reardoor ladder, a roof rack and a spare wheel holder with storage compartment function. There is a 7-G Tronic automatic transmission installed, so even an off-road newbee won`t have any problems withcontrolling the vehicle. The interior is equipped with 7 seats, a heater and enough luggagespace, so you can start your off-road weekend. Should a river have to be crossed, the raisedposition of the transmission vents make a safe crossing possible.

Rent the G-Class in the size of a sprinter and the adventure can begin!

150€ / Day (incl. VAT)

Rent on weekdays

200€ / Day (incl. VAT)

Rent on weekends

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